WazzUp After Brexit For EU Travelers

WazzUp After Brexit For EU Travelers

New Visa Policy for Britons

Martin Selmayr, the EU’s senior civil servant, said at the European Parliament’s Brexit Steering Group that a new visa policy would have to change where Britain was put. This could mean being on a list that is either “visa-required” or “visa-free”. If a visa is required, Britons could be charged £52 when entering the EU countries. This is due to the current 90-day Schengen visa that people from outside of the EU are required to purchase.

UK plans to Keep Visa-Free travel to the UK for EU visitors after Brexit.

According to reports in The Times, an anticipated plan by the Home Office on post-Brexit migration will add that there will be no extra curbs on EU citizens travelling to Britain through airports and ports. The BBC added it would mean visitors from the bloc would only need permission to work, study or settle in the UK.

European Health Insurance

At present, EU travelers are entitled to a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This is free, if you become unwell or are injured whilst travelling in Europe, this card will entitle you to the same level of care received by native citizens. This does not mean, however, that you will be entitled to free healthcare as there are some charges in many EU countries for medical treatment, this is why Travel Insurance is important. EHIC should never be consider as a replacement for Travel Insurance as it does not cover repatriation costs or other expenses, like lost baggage or travel delays.

One of the major factors in deciding whether the EHIC will remain available to British citizens is whether there is a separation from the EEA, as the card is not an EU initiative. There are countries, such as Norway and Iceland, who are EEA members but not EU members and accept the EHIC. The UK could feasibly adopt this model.

British Holidaymakers Given 2019 Travel WARNING in event of Hard Brexit

Flights to EU after March 2019 would be at risk if no aviation deal would be in place.

About 75% of the 70m foreign trips made by UK residents each year go to the other 27 EU member states. Holidaymakers are not being adequately informed of the risks that Brexit could pose to their plans when booking. With several of the UK’s biggest tour operators selling holidays for 2019, customers should be told of the possibility of flight disruption, and what compensation could be paid.

No legal framework yet exists to manage flights to Europe once Britain leaves the EU in March 2019, and Ryanair and Lufthansa have cautioned that planes could be temporarily grounded without an aviation deal. Unless a transition deal for aviation is signed, from September 2018 Ryanair will include the warning on its tickets: “This flight is subject to the regulatory environment allowing the flight to take place.”

It is advisable to anyone booking a holiday after March 2019 to check cancellation and refund policies – particularly for any elements such as car hire or villa rental booked outside of a package and most importantly to book a Travel Insurance. It said Tui, Jet2 and On the Beach “failed to provide any reassurance that any information would be communicated upfront”, while Thomas Cook had amended its terms and conditions to class any airspace closure with natural disasters, stating it would not provide compensation or reimburse expenses.

A spokeswoman for the travel trade organization Abta said: “Package holidays will continue to be covered by regulations which give holidaymakers the right to an alternative holiday, if available, or a refund in the event of changes caused by extraordinary circumstances.”

Alex Wardle with the Association of British Travel Agents insisted British holidaymakers should not panic but prepare should the British Government fail to strike a Brexit agreement with the European Union. Speaking to BBC News, Mr. Wardle said: “I think my message is don’t panic. We fully expect people to be travelling to Europe next summer. “If you do want certainty, you can book a package holiday which means your flight, your accommodation, are protected if anything goes wrong so you would get your money back. All-inclusive holidays are a way of fixing your cost as well.”

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