Flight Delays & Cancelations

Flight Delays & Cancelations

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How can I find out if my flight is on time?
To find out if your flight is running on time the best thing to do is to get into the airport’s website which your flight is departing from as it’s updated in real time. Please note though that you will have to be at the airport on time as your airline has scheduled for its departure, even if you know that your flight will be delayed. Almost all the airlines nowadays inform their clients via text messages, emails and their own mobile applications about the status of their flights and guide them in case of delays and cancellations.

What should I do if my flight is delayed?
Your airline should get in contact with you to inform you that your flight has been delayed or canceled. If your flight is canceled due to weather conditions like snow, extreme winds etc., then you should be offered a refund or booked on an alternative flight. Airlines have an obligation to book you even onto the flight of a rival airline if the other carrier is flying to your destination sooner, you can always ask your airline. If you are flying further than 1,500km, then a five-hour rule applies. If your flight is delayed for more than five hours you are entitled to a refund if you no longer wish to travel.

Can I claim compensation?
Airlines are not legally obliged to provide compensation if the flight was canceled “due to reasons beyond the airlines control”, according to the EU flight compensation rules. This include things such as a volcanic eruption, a strike or extreme weather – including snow. There is a possibility that the airline won’t pay compensation if your flight is affected by bad weather, as this counts as extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary circumstances, such as snow, will not automatically entitle you to claim for inconvenience, nevertheless asking won’t harm anyone.

If you choose an alternative flight to your final destination at the earliest opportunity, you are also entitled to:

  1. Food and drink if your wait is over two hours
  2. Hotel accommodation where a stay of one or more nights is necessary
  3. Two phone calls or emails
  4. Airlines must offer assistance until they can get you to your destination, but your right to compensation only applies if the cause of the delay is within the airline’s control.