Do you have plans for Summer?

Do you have plans for Summer?

 I was having, my early 7:00 am, coffee with my friends before leaving for my office when Costas through a question at the table, “Hey, you guys did you make plans for your summer holidays?” Since we were all Cypriots there, we answered proudly NO, NOT YET, hopefully very soon we will decide. These answers can be very catastrophic for our wallets though.

Everybody would like to take some time off from their regular, stressful and busy life, summer holiday is the great escape from all of that. As we are anxious for that date to come, so we can head to the beach and have our frappe (Ice-Coffee, for my New York friends), it is advisable that we put the word “planning” in our mind. If you plan well in advanced your holidays, that will give you the opportunity to search various online suppliers such as tour operators, airlines, hotel, cruise, car and many more.

What you have to do though in order to achieve creating the best possible value for money holiday package, is to follow my suggestions below. Always have in mind that the phrase “Best value for money” translates to,” the most beneficial combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet customer requirements”, therefore best value for money is not always about saving money. Enjoy your life as we only live once, follow the below and I’m sure you will have memorable holidays.

Travel Budget
Check your financial capabilities first and then start planning your holidays.

Decide where are you planning to travel for your holidays, you have to choose the place with whomever, person or persons you wish to travel with and obviously when would be the date, period of your journey.

How do we get to our destination?
If you live in an Island like Cyprus and you plan to travel abroad the only means of transportations available to do that is air. Therefore, since no other options are available you would have to start building your holiday package by finding the right airline to get you to your destination. You have to consult the various tour operators of the Island like LOUIS, TOP KINISIS, AMATHUS and XENOS as they offer charter flights during the summer period to many destinations. The Greek Islands, Athens, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and many other major cities are amongst these destinations. You can get online and find out more. 

In other countries someone can use Trains, cars, boats ferries, in these cases your budget requirements might not be very demanding. That’s not always the case though, for example if you rent a car you have to make a thorough check for all the tolls (road, bridge or tunnels fees) you would have to pay using the specific route you have chosen. Petrol, car insurance and the time you would require to reach your destination should also be considered before reaching your decision.

In other cases, someone would require to use a combination, flight and car or flight and train, no matter what the combination you should always bare in mind the time required to get from the airport to the train station or to the rental company.

You need to know this information because in some cases the car rental companies are located far away from the airport and you might require more than 30 minutes to get there thus putting into jeopardy your whole journey.

Accommodations-hotel rooms, apartments for rent or houses for rent

I believe the most challenging piece of the puzzle in building your holiday package is finding the right accommodation. The biggest portion of your holiday package is the hotel accommodation and you could use some of my tips below to achieve the best possible price.

  • Sign up to a booking website or become a member to a hotel chain, where you can earn exclusive discounts or free nights.
  • Book longer stays, as longer-term hotel rates usually reduce nightly rates. A seven-night stay can be even cheaper than a six night one.
  • Check for last minute deals or Mystery deals, there are some booking sites that offer them.
  • Use the best search engines like
  • Consider an apartment for rent or house for rent as more people can be accommodated there.
  • Staying in the outskirts of a city could be a better option especially if you could have transportation access to the city center.

Off the shelf Holiday Packages
Wherever your coming from, you can check out your local tour operators that offer complete holiday packages. You can get on their websites checkout their offers and compare them with your own and then decide which one would be better for you. You need to know that with them your worries would be very limited as they bare all the responsibility for everything, hotel rooms, flights, excursions etc. They also provide a certain discount to their loyal customers.

These are only a small part of what I can share with you, for that reason I will be back very soon.

All the best!!

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